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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

For The Long Run

For the Long Run by Elizabeth Noble

Dreamspinner Press

September 2012

ISBN: ebook: 978-1-61372-752-2
ISBN: 978-1-61372-751-5

Pages: 200

Contemporary, Paranormal

Jay Molloy has been forced into the closet but his conservative senator father.  He is resigned to the fact that with his father being abusive and homophobic that all Jay is going to be able to have is one-night stands rather than the loving D/s relationship he truly craves.  When Jay meets Eric Keger Jay figures all he will have with the trained Dom maybe if he is lucky is a quick fling.  Jay knows Eric could be so much more if it wasn’t for his father.   

Eric Keger is determined to have more with Jay than just a quick fling and with Jay’s father hiring him to be head of security at the family resort he knows he will have a chance.  While Eric and Jay explore the attraction between them things get difficult when murder victims start turning up at the resort.  While Eric and Jay are investigating the murders they also have to deal with Jay’s difficult father and navigating their new relationship not to mention Jay’s fake fiancĂ©e.  Now if they could just get the politics out of their lives and find a murderer that just might be more than human they just might be able to find some happiness with each other. 

This story will keep readers guessing as to what is really going on and just who or what is behind the murders.  This one keeps the suspense moving along at a fast pace with a plot that will keep readers turning the pages long into the night.  The characters are well written and sympathic and will have the reader getting emotionally involved with them.  While the storyline will not be for some readers for those that enjoy this type of storyline they will find great story with this one.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses

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