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Friday, 17 June 2011

The Master's Pet

The Master’s Pet by Stormy Glenn

Publisher: Siren Publishing

October 2009

ISBN: 1-606-01790-X

Jiri has just had the shock of his life when he is sold as a sex slave to Zane who is the leader of the Death Dealers. Jiri is going to have to figure out his place in Zane’s world so that he has a chance. Jiri has always known that he isn’t strong enough to fight others.

Zane is prepared to give Jiri the one thing Jiri cannot give himself and that is protection. In a new world there are only two types of peopled, those that have the ability to protect and those that desperately need that protection. Zane takes his leadership of the Death Dealers very seriously and knows it is his job to protect his people. What he wasn’t looking for was a pet which he now has with Jiri.

As Zane and Jiri get to know each other more they find they want more than just master and pet with each other. They are also finding out just how much ignoring what they feel for each other and not being honest about it can cost them when the deadly Night Dwellers attack. If they aren’t careful they just might lose each other to the Night Dwellers.

This story is a futuristic one that has a very interesting premise in that the end of the world came by disease. The characters are well developed and interesting to read about and to find out more about them. The secondary characters help move the story line along and makes sure the story never bogs now in to much detail. This is one that isn’t for everyone but is very much worth trying.

I give this one 4 red roses

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