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Sunday, 5 June 2011

Goddess Cottage

Goddess Cottage
Sheri A Dubb
Sheri A Dub

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Sierra owns and runs a coffee shop with her business partner and friend Mitch so when a man calling himself Hayden turns up and asks her to go off to Alaska with him to see the grandmother she didn't know she had, she is very surprised. Sierra has a lot more surprises in store for her, because Donella Ivory is a witch. The Ivory witches have the balance between the various races in their hands and Donella needs to pass her power onto her grand-daughter, but Sierra is reluctant - especially as it means she has to marry a wolf.

Hayden is a very attractive man with a problem. If he doesn't get what he needs from the Ivory witches he may go wild and then his tribe will be lost. Raven is a beautiful princess, descended from a line of werewolves and vampires - a powerful race who lost out to the Ivory witches. If Raven takes the power back the world may slide into chaos.

This is a wonderful mixture of healing and falling in love with enough violence to make it different to many books of this kind. If you enjoy witches and werewolves you will love this. My copy had some typing mistakes but the author assures me that this has been changed and it is now perfect copy. A well edited version of this book is well worth the bouquet of red roses I am awarding it. I enjoyed it very much and this author should go far.

Linda Sole

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