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Thursday, 31 March 2011

In The Neon

In the Neon by Danielle Smith

Publisher: Solstice Publishing


Pages: 167

Faust is a soul collector demon that is one of the best soul collectors around. He has always taken pride in his work. As a demon he stays in the worst parts of town and sees the worst side of humanity. His job is to go after those that prey on the weak and encourage them in their evil deeds. Then one night he goes into the club The Neon. Faust has been around The Neon before and has earned the nickname Shadow Man from all the dancers around there.

Annie is a dancer at the club The Neon who is very popular with the clientele. Annie knows she is good at her job and while most would look down on her for what she does she is happy the way her life is. Her life hasn’t been easy but she has made a life for herself that makes her happy.

Now Faust and Annie’s paths have crossed and their lives will never be the same. Annie is bringing out feelings in Faust that he has never felt before. Annie is also finding happiness with Faust that she never expected. Faust’s outlook is changing and he is not sure if that is a good thing or not. Time will tell just what is going on between them, but first there are those that would do anything to make sure that Faust and Annie are not together. If Faust and Annie want to see if they have a future together they are going to have to stop those that would tear them apart first.

This story takes your usual demon story and gives it a great twist. This is one story that is unexpected in the fact that once you start reading it you won’t want to put it down until the very last page. You are never really sure what path this one will take until you get there. The illustrations in this book also helps the reader visualize the story’s characters and brings them to life.

I give this one 4 red roses

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