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Friday, 16 July 2010

Favourite Books 3

Stolen Ecstasy by Hannah Howell

Publisher: Leisure

June 1991

Pages: 427

Colorado 1870

Leanne Summers was kicked out of her house in the middle of the night but a woman she always believed to be her mother only to find out the woman wasn’t. Now trying to get some help from the sheriff has landed her in the middle of more trouble than she might be able to handle. Deciding to try and stop a bank robbery Leanne suddenly finds herself on the run with the bungling bandits and a price on her head. She also finds herself attracted to the leader of the robbers.

Hunter Walsh wasn’t what Leanne thought he was. He is much more than the leader of a band of robbers. Hunter is trying to clear his name for a crime he did not commit. Now he finds everything a lot more complicated when he rescues Leanne from jail so that she doesn’t talk to the wrong people. Now Hunter is trying to keep himself and Leanne alive and that is a lot harder than he would like. Keeping ahead of the law and bounty hunters is not easy but getting caught is not an option.

With her name in shreds after traveling with robbers for weeks Leanne finds the only choice she has is to marry Hunter. Unfortunately that is not as easy as she would like. Hunter’s mother is not inclined to let the marriage happen. When a misunderstanding leads to a life and death race to save Leanne’s life, Hunter finds that he will do anything to keep Leanne at his side no matter what. First Hunter is going to have make it to Leanne to keep her alive and then convince her that what she thought was the truth was nothing more than his mother’s lies. Only time will tell if he will make it to Leanne in time to save her.

This story has a lot of humor and action that keeps the plot moving at a swift pace. This is a hard book to put down once the read starts reading it. This author has delivered her usual spunky heroine with great sarcastic wit. This is another great book by this author.

I give this one 5 red roses

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