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Monday, 12 July 2010

Favourite Books 2

Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward

Publisher: Signet Eclipse

March 2006

ISBN: 0-451-21804-3

Pages: 441

Caldwell, NY

Rhage is the strongest fighter and the most voracious lover of the whole Brotherhood. He also has to deal with a curse placed on him by the Scribe Virgin on a daily basis, which isn’t easy. Rhage lives in fear of hurting those around him and is constantly trying to control his inner dragon. As part of the Brotherhood he is an asset in the fight against the lessers. Now Rhage has found something that he never thought he would have a chance to be able to have. Finding Mary has changed his life completely but the only way they will have a chance is only if he can keep her safe from their enemies and from himself.

Mary Luce has had many hardships in her life and has managed to survive them all. Mary has managed to get herself thrown into the vampire world by accident. Now she has to depend on Rhage to keep her safe in this new world that she never dreamed was real. Mary knows all about curses having to deal a life threatening one of her own. With all the hardships she has endured, Mary has lost her faith in miracles a long time ago.

Mary was never looking for love. She is not sure how to handle her intense attraction to Rhage especially when it turns emotional. Now it is looking like Rhage shares her feelings but life around them is turning dangerous when their enemies start getting a little too close for comfort. Rhage is determined to make Mary his alone and Mary is discovering a will to fight for a life with Rhage. Only time will tell if they are going to get what they both want more than anything in life.

This story continues in the story line set in the first book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. This series continues to get better and better. As this book unfolds you get a better understanding of the world of the Brotherhood. This is one vampire series not to be missed. You get a better view of the whole world of the Brotherhood and you learn more about the brothers in the Brotherhood.

I give this one 5 red roses

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