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Monday, 15 February 2010

Friends And Lovers





ISBN 978-0-7090-7927-9.

Mrs. Harris and her daughter Gwendolyn live in an Elizabethan cottage, leased to them at a nominal rent by the elder brother, Lord Menrod, of Gwendolyn’s brother-in-law Peter Menrod. Unfortunately, lord Menrod did not believe in altering the authentic cottage in anyway, which meant that low ceilings, dark enclosed stairs and smoking fires had to be endured.

Lord Menrod was an autocratic and unfeeling person according to Gwendolyn and she hated the fact that they must live in the cottage, but after the death of her father, who was a Rector in charge of thee of lord Menrod’s livings, they could afford nothing more.

When tragically, her sister Hettie and Lord Peter died in a boating accident abroad, their two orphaned children would live with their Grandmother and their Aunt Gwendolyn, obviously, thought Gwendolyn. But Lord Menrod had other ideas. He intended to house the children with him on his vast estate.

It didn’t matter how much Gwendolyn asked, pleaded almost begged him to allow the children to live with them, Lord Menrod was adamant that he would take guardianship of his brothers children. Their Grandmother and Aunt would be given some rights to see the children, but that was all.

Gwendolyn decided to fight for the children through the courts, but the experience she had with a local solicitor did not bode well for the future of the case, she felt she could not trust any solicitor and did not know where to go to get help.

Gwendolyn had an ardent suitor, Mr. Everett, from Oakdene, a splendid establishment which he had had built with no expense spared. Her Mother tried to persuade her to accept Mr Everett, but Gwendolyn was adamant that she was not at all interested in him. If she accepted him, her mother pointed out, she then would be rich and more likely to be able to fight in the courts for the custody, of the two children.

Gwendolyn has her own ideas of how to prize the children away from Lord Menrod, but these ideas she was keeping to herself. What ideas does Gwendolyn have and will she be able to outwit the arrogant but breathtakingly handsome, Lord Menrod???? Read this book and you will see.

This is a regency story with a difference and must be read to enjoy the full story. I award this book 4 Red Roses.AS

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