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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Free Falling

Free Falling by Samantha James


April 2009

ISBN: 1-60601-307-6

Pages: 305

Laurence “Laurie” Miller loves her job as a counselor. She feels she is helping people with the free clinic that she and her friend and partner, Andrew started. Laurie has a problem with her father wanting her to take over the family’s charitable foundation. While she likes that the foundation helps people she feels like she can help people better with her job. So Laurie has been dodging the lawyers that her father has been sending after her to get her signature on the papers so that she can finally take over the foundation. She decides to hide out on the family ranch in Montana which is as far as she can get from Chicago.

Ross Kennedy works long hours at his law firm so he can make partner. Now being forced by his boss to take some time off because he has been working too many billable hours and it is starting to show, he is sent to get a signature so that he can have a little time off. Now if he could just find the client Laurence Miller he would be very happy so he can get out of the snow storm in Montana.

Laurie can’t understand why anyone would be driving in a snow storm especially in a car not made to be driven in snow storms. Thinking the person has got to be crazy to be out driving in a blizzard she goes to rescue whoever it is that ended up in a snow drift before they freeze to death. Now if she could just get the man to help her get himself out of the storm and into the warm ranch house she just might be able to save him. When Laurie finds out why Ross is in Montana she decides not to reveal who she really is so she won’t have to sign the papers he has.

While they wait out the storm they find that even though they see the world differently they definitely have an attraction that is worth exploring and seeing where it will lead. When they find out that they are both from the Chicago area, and after the storm ends they make plans for when Laurie will be back in the area to get together and see where the attraction might lead.

Laurie knows that for her and Ross to have a relationship she is going to have to tell him who she really is but finding out about his past she realizes that she is going to have to be careful about telling him the truth. Knowing how much she cares for him she is afraid when he learns the truth she will lose him.

As if the trouble with Ross isn’t enough, now Laurie has another problem. Someone is targeting her and she doesn’t know why. Ross is determined to keep Laurie safe but since they don’t know who or why anyone is after her that is becoming difficult. When the truth comes out about Laurie’s identity Ross has to decide if what he feels for her is enough or if he is going to let his past destroy what could be the best thing to ever happen to him.

This story was interesting to see how the characters worked through the fact that they each were afraid to reveal how they felt about each other and to see Ross was going to let the past stand in his way or go after what he wanted. This also had a couple of mysteries that made the story move quickly and made you want to keep turning the page to see what happened next. The secondary characters really help make the story and got you pulling for the hero and heroine so that they could have their happy ending.

I give this one 5 red roses LW

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