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Monday, 27 October 2008

Four brilliant new books from Robert Hale

The Paradise Will by Elizabeth Hanbury
Robert Hale
May 2008

Elizabeth Hanbury’s debut novel, The Paradise Will, is a gorgeous Regency romance that would make Georgette Heyer proud!

Miss Alyssa Paradise has inherited her late uncle’s property in Dorset – much to the chagrin of her foppish cousin! Although many doubt whether a mere unmarried lady could possibly manage such a large estate, Alyssa is determined to prove her doubters wrong – especially Sir Giles Maxton!

Giles Maxton was a good friend of her uncle’s who had been hoping to purchase her uncle’s land in order to expand his already impressive estate. Giles is furious that his plans have been thwarthed because of this mere chit of a girl. Such a grand estate needs a man like him in order to thrive and flourish and Giles is determined to obtain what is rightfully his.

As luck would have it, one of the provisos of the will stated that once a month Giles and Alyssa have to dine together. Giles is determined to use this as an opportunity to get his hands on the estate – despite Alyssa’s fury that she would have to spend time with this insufferable man! Alyssa was initially apalled as she couldn’t for one second think of anything which she might have in common with Giles. But when the two start spending more and more time together, Alyssa immediately realizes that beneath the brusque, taciturn and arrogant façade lurks a heart of gold.

But as they are both promised to other people, can they ever have a chance of spending their future together?

The Paradise Will is a joy to read! It’s hard to believe that this accomplished Regency novel is Elizabeth Hanbury’s first book! Funny, tender, evocative, atmospheric and brimming with plenty of charm, Elizabeth Hanbury is a name historical romance readers would do well to remember!

The Touchstone by Pamela Kavanagh
Robert Hale Publishers
May 2008

Pamela Kavanagh’s latest novel is a cross between Maeve Binchy and Barbara Erskine. A fascinating contemporary tale of romance, friendship, secrets, relationships and the paranormal, The Touchstone is the exciting second novel from this talented writer.

Rissa Birch got the shock of her life when on her deathbed her mother announced that the man she thought was her father was not her biological parent. Determined to find out the truth about her parentage, Rissa decided to head to a small town in West Wales, where she hopes to find enough evidence to substantiate the lead which she found in her mother’s personal belongings.

On her arrival, Rissa encounters Catrin Jenkins, a young woman who appears to have a charmed life: she has the job of her dreams, parents who love her, good friends and a gorgeous fiance. But as the two women become close friends, Rissa realizes that Catrin is not as happy as she is making out to be.
Catrin begins to wonder whether she is doing the right thing in marrying her fiance Will. As the years have progressed, Catrin’s feelings for Will have been more fraternal than romantic – and she’s finding herself unable to stop thinking about the gorgeous architect Ewan.

But the two girls are soon united by distrubing dreams which could put their lives in jeopardy. As their dreams escalate and their fears increase, Rissa and Catrin realize that they must unite in solving this mystery – or else risk losing everything!

I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Touchstone! Warm, spellbinding and captivating, I can’t wait to read more novels by this wonderful writer!

The Meticulous Messenger by Wendy Burdess
Robert Hale Publishers
Historical Romance
May 2008

The Meticulous Messenger is a fabulous romantic mystery from the author of The Unaccomplished Lady Eleanor!

When Wilhelmina Crump and her cousin Lavinia where sent off to France in order to find a suitable husband, little did they realize that danger was just around the corner. With the French Revolution in full swing and cries of revenge ringing in their ears, the girls realize that they must cut short their visit or else risk falling victim to the braying mob of angry peasants out for their blood!

But just before they leave France, Wilhelmina’s guardian hands her a letter addressed to someone mysteriously known as “The Stag”. Wilhelmina is suitably alarmed. Who is “The Stag”? Why has she been chosen to be the one to deliver this letter to him? And why do mysterious letters addressed to this person keeping coming into her possession?

Just when she thinks that things cannot possibly get any worse for her, Wilhelmina is shocked when she finds herself being pursued by the handsome Duke of Linthorpe and the enigmatic Earl of Thurlston. What is it that they want from her? Are they in any way connected to “The Stag”
As her cousin’s life is thrown into jeopardy, Wilhelmina realizes that she’d better find some answers – or else risk losing everything which she holds dear to her…

Imbued with plenty of intrigue, mystery and romance, The Meticulous Messenger is a beguiling historical romance you will find yourself unable to put down. Written with plenty of skill, flair and charm, The Meticulous Messenger is another triumph for Wendy Burdess!

Abigal’s Secret by Roberta Grieve
Robert Hale Publishers
May 2008

Abigail’s Secret is an engrossing and engaging wartime saga from a talented new writer: Roberta Grieve.

Abby Cookson’s life is one of constant pain, hardship and drudgery. She lives in a derelict house with her father, Wally, a violent drunkard who delights in frightening his daughter, who has never got over the cruel abandoment of her mother when she was a mere child. Abby dreams of leaving her father behind and of starting afresh elsewhere, but guilt keeps her a prisoner in her father’s house.

Respite for Abby comes when she meets a handsome sailor called Joe. The nephew of the local milkman, Abby soon begins to find herself drawn to the charismatic young man, who wastes no time in telling her how he feels about her.
For once in her life, Abby is truly happy and when she gets a job at a local department’s store, her happiness is complete. But when her respectable employer rapes her and leaves her pregnant, Abby realizes that she must leave Joe, her friends and everything that is familiar to her and start afresh somewhere else.

Joe is heartbroken when he finds out that Abby has left town. Having falling passionately in love with her, he’s determined to find her and show her how much she means to him. But with dark clouds of war gathering around them, will Joe and Abby ever find their way back to one another?

A heatwarming tale of passion, revenge, tragedy, survival and romance, Abigail’s Secret is a brilliant debut novel by a fantastic new writer of historical sagas.

All these lovely Regency Romances are awarded 4.5 red roses!


Elizabeth Hanbury said...

Thank you for the lovely review of The Paradise Will! :-)

Beverley Eikli said...

What lovely reviews. Robert Hale publishes wonderful books and I can't wait to pick up some of these these you recommend.