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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Rakehell's Widow

ISBN NUMBER 978-0-7090-8373-3.


Alabeth Manvers, a young widow of twenty three years, who disgraced herself in the eyes of polite society when she eloped with the notorious rake Robert Lord Manvers six years before, was this evening to expect a visit from her Father. Her family had never set foot in the home of Lord Manvers until now and Alabeth wondered what on earth would make her father visit after so long. Even when she was widowed two years ago, still no one had visited.
When she learned the reason for her Fathers visit she flatly refused to even consider it, but eventually she agreed.
A week later Alabeth was in her coach heading for London to take charge of her sister’s first season, and dreading it. How would the ton receive her? She had in their eyes disgraced herself, although she had been very much in love and the marriage had been a happy one. There was one person, whom she dreaded to meet more than any other, because Alabeth held him responsible for the untimely death of her young husband, he was Sir Piers Castleton.
When she arrived at the London home of her Father she found many invitations awaiting her and she wished herself back at Charterly house she was not ready for the gaiety of London, she still grieved for her young husband. The servants were pleased to see her and welcomed her home. But her sister did not greet her she was playing the piano and when Alabeth went up to the music room to see her the welcome she received was very frosty. Alabeth sighed this was not a good beginning, if only she had stayed in Charterly, she had felt safe there.
The Duchess of Seaham a well known society hostess was shown in to the room, Alabeth was surprised that anyone had called so early. They had been close friends before Alabeth had eloped, and she was very pleased to a friendly face especially after her confrontation with her sister Jillian. Octavia had many exciting plans for this season in which she had included Alabeth and Jillian. It seemed whether she liked it or not she would be very busy with invitations and visits and Alabeth hoped that her sister would be less resentful and more amenable as the season progressed.
There are many twists and turns in this delightful Regency book before the story is told. This is another compelling book from this Author and anyone who enjoys this genre will I believe enjoy it from the first to the last page, it certainly held my interest all the way through.
I happily award this book 5 red roses. AS

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