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Saturday, 28 June 2008

Eleven Hour Fall

Robert Appleton/Eleven Hour Fall/Eternal Press/ebook/54 pages

Kate is with a team looking for important minerals on a new planet called Kractos. She is in love with one of the other team members, but Remington doesn't know it - though he seems interested. While exploring a mountain range they suffer a terrible rock slide and are sent sliding down the surface. Kate is trained in survival and when she discovers that Remington is still alive but unconscious she ties them both together and jumps, hoping to land on the surface of the planet with her chute. However, she goes into a long, long free fall. When they are swooped on by huge birdlike monsters and then dropped the adventure begins.

This is a story of surviving and of a determined woman. Kate is going to do her utmost to save her man and she has to fight off various monsters and all kinds of perils. It is a relief when Remington recovers consciousness and starts to help her. This excellent book is imaginiative and well written and has a surprise in store at the end. I don't often 'Love' science fiction but I did this one! Five red rose, Linda


Sally_Odgers said...

I thoroughly enjoyed this novella as well. Kate is a strong heroine, and the romance is well balanced with the adventure and science fiction aspects.

Sloane Taylor said...

Eleven Hour Fall is EXCELLENT. I bought it and couldn't put it down. I too am not a sci-fi reader, but the blurb caught my eye. Mr. Appleton is one talented author!