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Sunday, 11 December 2016


Relentless by Cheyenne Meadows

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

February 2016

ISBN: 978-1-63476-872-6

Pages: 260

Contemporary Paranormal Romance m/m

Jag is a sniper extraordinaire besides being a jaguar shifter. He is also tasked with his most dangerous and difficult mission to date. He needs to take out the man that is responsible for the death of his husband’s, who was also his spotter, violent death. Again.

Sonar is assigned as the new spotter to the scowling, surly feline alpha. Sonar is also an ocelot shifter. He sees more beneath the surface even as he is impressed with Jag’s skills. He sees a man that is furious and grief-stricken and that is on a trail of vengeance.

Jag and Sonar together face both challenges and perils that test their resolve, skills and the budding feelings they have for each other. The heat between them rises at the same time as the death tolls. The longings they have for each other might give them the strength they need to persevere but it could also force them to succumb and sacrifice everything. The only thing that is certain is that someone won’t be making it back alive.

This is a fast paced book that starts out with a lot of action and doesn’t stop until the very end. It reads more like a short story than a full sized book and proves to be hard to put down. It will also take readers on an emotional roller coaster that keeps going until the end. It would be interesting to see this made into a series as there are so many different characters that make for a very interesting world. This is also one for the keeper shelves.

I give this one 5 red roses


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