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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Going the Distance

Going the Distance No Excuses Book 1 by Mila Rossi

Publisher: Mila Rossi

September 2016


Pages: 124

Contemporary Sports Romance

Samantha Wellington finds herself in a dilemma that she isn’t sure how to get out of. Especially as part of it is her fault in that she slapped the hell out of the light heavyweight champion of the world on the night of his first loss and who is also a foul-mouthed athlete that is also the most desirable man she has come across and who she now has to find a way to get an interview with.  Her job depends on that interview and this particular boxer isn’t talking at all.

Trent “The Punisher” Page does what he does best and that is play dirty when he is first humiliated by and then cornered by the spunky reporter. It wasn’t being nice that earned him his nickname. If Samantha wants to know more about him then the price she is going to have to pay is also the one she is unwilling to pay and that is herself.

With her elements of surprise and his determination to succeed they end up evenly matched. Now they are going to have to see if they can break down the enemy without jeopardizing themselves especially with their vastly different motivations.

This is one story that reader will be sorry to finish as they will definitely want more. At least this is the start of a series that if it continues in this vein it will be a remarkable series that should be a lot of fun to read. The characters are well written and complex and make for a story that proves to be a fast read as readers won’t want to put it down until the very end.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses


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