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Monday, 5 September 2016

Dragon Marked

Dragon Marked by Jaymin Eve

Publisher: Skyscape

November 2015

ISBN: 978-1503949782

Pages: 256

Contemporary Paranormal Suspense, Romantic elements

Stratford, Connecticut

Jessa Lebron is a wolf shifter with razor-sharp senses. She can perceive the slightest change in the air. Her lupine instincts go into overdrive right before her mother returns. A mother that abandoned her years ago. A mother that returns to the pack bearing secrets that change everything.

The biggest secret being that Jessa is dragon marked and it is a designation that places her in grave danger. Dragon marked are destined to resurrect the dragon king, a fearsome ancient warmonger. Dragon marked must be eliminated.

Soon Jessa finds herself locked up in Vanguard. Vanguard is the notorious paranormal prison that houses criminal feys, magic users and vampires. Luckily she is not alone there. Her best friend and a dragon shifter, Braxton Compass has her back. Braxton and Jess must find a way to free themselves and also the rest of the dragon marked. Can her pack mates help her stop the dragon king before his deadly return?

This is start of a trilogy that takes off from the very beginning and doesn’t stop until the end of the book and will have readers wanting to read the rest of the trilogy to find out just how everything turns out. With humor and action this book doesn’t stop at all. Readers will find that this ends up being a very fast read as they won’t want to put it down for any reason. The characters pull the reader in so completely they will wish they could find the town and meet all the different character that reside there. It will also have readers wanting to read the series that is tied to this trilogy.

I give this one 5 red roses


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