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Sunday, 25 October 2015


Friction by Sandra Brown

Publisher: Grand Central

August 2015

ISBN: 978-1-4555-8116-0

Pages: 410

Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Prentiss, Texas

Crawford Hunt is a Texas Ranger that wants his daughter back. When his wife died four years ago he fell into a downward spiral that left his five-year-old daughter, Georgia, in the custody of her grandparents and he was relegated to desk work. Since then Crawford has met all the court-imposed requirements and cleaned up his act. Now the fate of his family lies with Judge Holly Spencer.

Holly is ambitious and confident. She also temporarily occupies the bench of her mentor who is recently deceased. She must prove herself worthy with the upcoming election if she wants to make her judgeship permanent. That also makes every decision high-stakes. Holly is wary of Crawford’s checker past despite his obvious love for his daughter and his commitment to being an ideal parent. Her opinion radically changes when a masked gunman barges into the courtroom during the guardianship hearing. Crawford reacting instinctually and saves Holly from a bullet.

Soon though his heroism takes on the taint of recklessness. After he uncovers a horrifying truth about the courtroom gunman the cloud over him grows ever darker. He also realizes that the unknown person that is behind the shooting is still and large and still a threat.

Crawford is determined to catch the culprit as it is now a personal fight for him. Soon his chances of gaining custody of his daughter is in jeopardy and Judge Holly Spencer is further compromised as he pursues the killer with this customary diehard fashion. Holly needs protection not just from an assassin but also the forbidden attraction between herself and Crawford but also from Crawford himself.

This is a book that is extremely hard to put down once the reader starts it.  The twists and turns that the story takes will have readers questioning just what will happen next and who is behind what is happening. It will also have readers on the edge of their seats as the action doesn’t stop until the end and as reader tries to guess where this one will end up.  This is definitely one book to check out for anyone that loves thrillers and/or romantic suspense.  The characters are flawed and relatable and will have readers hoping that everything will work out for them in the end. This is a must read.

I give this one 5 red roses


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