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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Embrace the Magic

Embrace the Magic (Blood Rose Book 2) by Caris Roane

Publisher: Smashwords

November 2013

Pages: 259

Contemporary Paranormal Romance

Shreveport, Louisiana & Bergisson Realm 

Ethan is a mastyr vampire of the Bergisson Realm.  He never thought he would find a blood rose let alone one that is his.  A woman that could ease the blood-starvation that he has had to endure for decades.  Samantha has newly discovered fae heritage and as it emerges it shows that she has a level of power that proves very surprising. As she connects with Ethan’s personal realm frequency it ignites his passion. Ethan’s commitment has always been to ruling Bergisson and it is his priority, even with his driving need to be with Samantha. Ethan soon finds himself drawn to the web of his relentless, driving need for her as their desire rises.  Now Ethan is going to have to decide if his guilt over the past will prevent him from being able to embrace his blood rose and living life to the fullest.

Samantha’s plans never included anything to do with the world of the Nine Realms. A world where mastyr vampires rule millions of realm-folk. She can’t believe she is the woman that can meet the needs of a mastyr vampire, a blood rose. Though learning she is half-fae has changed everything for her.  Suddenly she is cast into a war against the dreaded Invictus with Ethan’s blood-needs that soon become a life-or-death struggle.  She has to see if she can embrace her new fae powers and be able to change her life completely. Samantha has to decide if her life’s ambition is what she wants to follow and leave behind love, passion and unbelievable fae power or if she can be what Ethan needs as a blood rose forever.

This story picks up shortly after the first one leaves off and yet it can be read as a standalone book but readers will find it much better if they read the first book before this one.  The world building is further enhanced with this story and makes for a world that is amazing all on its own.  The characters are complex and as reader watch them deal with what they have always wanted for what they have suddenly found when the least expect it makes for an engrossing read.  With a mystery that is woven through the books it links the books together so well that readers will want to sit and read the book all together.  While the full mystery isn’t completely solved in this book, the story itself has a very nice ending without any cliffhangers. 

Received a review copy

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses


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