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Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Darkening

The Darkening (Dawn of Ascension novella) by Caris Roane

Publisher: Caris Roane

February 2013

Pages: 234

Contemporary, Paranormal Romance

Phoenix, Arizona and Second Earth Phoenix

Samuel Daman fears his newly emerged grayle power.  He fears it will kill innocent ascenders. He also struggles to keep his distance from Vela Stillwell.  What he can’t fight is the breh-hedden that has her light floral scent tearing at his restraint. Then an enemy draws them both into the darkening. It is a place of secret travel reserved for Third ascenders.  Samuel will have to learn to control his power or destroy what he desires most.

Vela Stillwell wants a life away from Militia Headquarters. A new life away from the reminders of her husband and all she lost when he died five years earlier.  She is after a more reclusive occupation.  On her last day of work the infamous breh-hedden and Samuel Daman sweep through her life.  As she tries to disconnect from both Samuel and her new emerging power she is pulled into the darkening and with just a call she is in an adventure that terrifies her and yet also reveals the truth of her deepest desires. Now she has to decide if she is going to succumb to the breh-hedden or allow her fears prevent her from living the fullest life possible.

This is another book in a series that proves to have some amazing characters whether they are the lead characters or secondary characters or characters that are making a cameo appearance.  For readers that love vampire books this is a series worth checking out and getting lost in.  The world building and plots are unique and hold up and get better with each story that is told.  The series takes the reader on an amazingly wild ride that will have them eagerly wanting the next book just to see where this journey will ultimately take them.  Each story is different and manages to stay fresh with each and every story that is told.

Received a review copy

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses


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