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Thursday, 22 January 2015

Knight in Highland Armor

Knight in Highland Armor by Amy Jarecki

Publisher: Rapture Books

January 2015

ISBN: 9781942442028

Pages: 382

Historical Romance


Lord Colin Campbell is grieving from losing his wife.  He pens a missive to the king as he listens to the cries of his newborn son.  Colin needs a stepmother for his son and he has no marriage prospects so he petitions the king to help him in his endeavor.  Colin is determined to never fall in love again as it just brings more pain than losing a contingent of men on the battlefield.

Margaret Robinson is smart, feisty and quick tongued. When her father receives a messenger from the king she is delighted.  At least until she learns the news he brings.  She is to be wed in a sennight to the notorious Black Knight.  She is sure her life is about to end.

The wedding has tension and from there things just get worse.  At least until an accident brings Colin and Margaret together.  Just as Colin and Margaret fall in love Colin receives a request from the Pope that is dire.  Colin is to join the Crusades at once.

With their new love still fragile it is going to have to withstand some formable seductions.  Margaret is being tempted by a laird that is a scoundrel and Colin is courted by Satan himself.  With the war for Christendom raging it just might destroy their dreams forever.

This is fantastic book that takes readers back into history and brings it alive.  It has a lot of action that keeps the story moving along at a pace that readers won’t want to put it down.  It paints a picture of what the Crusades where like along with the Highlands of Scotland.  The description of all the different places comes to vivid life and takes the reader back into time.  The characters bring the story to life and makes for a book that readers will devour.  It will also have readers wanting to revisit the places again and again.  Readers will want to see more from this author after reading this book.

Received a review copy

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses


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