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Thursday, 20 November 2014

Sound of Sirens

Sound of Sirens Tales of Skylge, Book 1 by Jen Minkman

Publisher: Dutch Venture Publishing

November 2014

Pages: 114

Fantasy, Romance

For the island of Skylge only the Currents, the rich ruling class, get electricity.  The Currents came from across the sea, and when they did they brought the holy fire of St. Brandan with them.  Since then the light that is in the Brandaris Tower is what protects all the islanders.  Because if they heed the Siren’s call they will drown and the Sirens will have their souls.  The sacred light in the tower keeps the merfolk away. 

Enna is a Skylger girl that welcomes her brother back from his long sea voyage.  He brings her a very special present from the mainland.  An electronic record that can only be played on a Current devise.  Royce Bolton is a Current heartthrob and a gifted pianist and he wants the record too which causes a problem.  Enna refuses to sell the LP that features his favorite artist so he suggests that they share the record by meeting secretly at his private summer home.  Not expecting it Enna is thrilled and agrees.  She also discovers there is a lot more to both Current society and the history of Skylge.  She ends up questioning why the Sirens tempt the islanders to give themselves to the sea and also where the Currents’ monopoly on electricity really comes from.

As she struggles to find the answers to the questions, Enna finds herself falling for Royce.  She also risks everything to be with a guy that couldn’t be more wrong for her.  Enna ends up learning that the sounds of the Sirens isn’t the most treacherous thing around that haunts her dreams.

This is a very different type of story that makes for a fascinating read.  It makes for a story that stands out from other fantasy romances that are out there.  The characters are interesting and complex and makes for a story that proves to be a fast read as the reader gets pulled in and isn’t released until the very end.  It is also the start of a series that will have reader wondering just how the series will turn out.  It has romance and a mystery that makes for an enjoyable read.  This is one series that is worth checking out.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses


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