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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

death and the girl he loves

death and the girl he loves by Darynda Jones

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

October 2013

ISBN:  978-0-312-62522-1

Pages: 255

Contemporary, Paranormal, Young Adult

Banger, Maine & Riley’s Switch, New Mexico

Most girls wouldn’t want the fate of the world resting on their shoulders and Lorelei McAlister is no different.  Unfortunately for her the fate of the world rests completely on her shoulders.  Lorelei has seen the horrors that lie beneath the everyday world.  Those horrors are also getting her friends killed.  To protect those she loves she agrees to leave the sanctity of her hometown and is sent to a world that is completely different.  Boarding school.  Though she is still being watched even in her new world. Someone knows who she is and just what she carries in her soul.  She is also seeing visions but that is nothing new for her.

Lorelei must now face the fact that no matter where she goes there are people that want her dead.  No matter how far she goes her friends and family will still be in danger.  Lucky for her those friends include the handsome Angel of Death and a fiercely protective half-angel.  Not to mention the ragtag group of loyal supporters that are more than willing to get a little dirty to fight pure evil.

This brings to an end a trilogy that is wonderfully written and will have readers hating to leave the world that has Lorelei McAlister and friends in it.  The action is explosive and will keep readers wondering what is going to happen next and where it will come from.  The characters are well written and readers will find them easy to relate to.  This one will also have readers wishing for more from this world but it is wrapped up very nicely and ties up all the loose ends.  It is also a trilogy that readers will want to re-read just to revisit the great characters that occupy this world.  This story will take readers on an emotional roller coaster that will leave them happy with the ending.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses


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