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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Beneath a Navajo Moon

Beneath a Navajo Moon by Lisa Carter

Publisher: Abindgon Press

March 2014

ISBN: 978-1-4267-5799-0

Pages: 307

Inspirational Romance

1906 and Present Navajo Nation, Arizona

Erin Dawson is a cultural anthropologist that has gone to Cedar Canyon on a search for a woman that disappeared in 1906.  A place where the Navajo traditions are kept well hidden amid the red rock walls and mesas.  What also might be hidden there is evidence of criminal activity.  Erin’s search leads to her crossing paths with tribal policeman Adam Silverhorn no matter where she turns. Though when they first meet it is hardly love at first sight but every time they meet after that the sparks fly between them.

Erin and Adam are suddenly thrust into a battle that is more dangerous than either could have expected especially as they are fighting their feelings for each other.  A battle to stop an insidious drug cartel that has lead to a rise in gang violence on the reservation.  With Adam, Erin gets a view into the life of the Navajos, a view that very few outsiders ever get the chance to see.  She also gets a view into a crime ring that no one imagined existed.  As the danger rises around them Adam and Erin wonder if they will ever be able to tell each other how they truly feel.

This is a story that brings a small glimpse into the Navajos that makes for an excellent read.  For readers that enjoy inspirational romances this is one that is sure to please them.  It basically has two stories in one.  One from the past and one from the present and the way the two are interwoven together makes for a very enjoyable book.  The mystery that is woven into each story makes for a story that will keep reader turning the pages to see what will happen next and if Erin and Adam will be able to make it through the danger okay.  It will also have readers turning the pages to see if things will work out for Adam and Erin.  The story and scenery comes to life with every word that is read and readers will find it very easy to picture the mesas and canyons that are in this book. 

I give this one 4 red roses


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