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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The Scoundrel's Seduction

The Scoundrel’s Seduction by Jennifer Haymore

Publisher: Grand Central

May 2014

ISBN: 978-1-455-52335-1

Pages: 416

Historical, England

Sam Hawkins is an undercover agent that has devoted his life to protecting both his country and king.  He doesn’t question his mission even when he is given orders to assassinate a ruthless traitor.  Sam didn’t know his deed had a witness though.  The betrayer’s mysterious and beautiful wife saw what Sam did.  Now he has no choice but to take her and make her his prisoner.  A prisoner he can neither resist nor trust.

Elise, Lady Dunthorpe is determined to do anything to escape her captor. Even if what she must do is seduce him senseless.  She had no idea what her miserable husband had done but she also has secrets of her own.  Those secrets threaten everything she holds dear.  Sam’s gentle touch and piercing eyes inflame Elise but can she trust the man that won’t let her go? Sam is caught between the crown he is sworn to serve and the woman who has quickly become everything to him, the woman he loves.  Sam will risk everything his heart and his life if necessary to keep her safe. 

This is another great book in a series that is proving to be a very good surprise.  The mystery that is woven through the books that keep the books tied together and yet each one holds up on its own.  While the books can read as standalone books they are much better read in order as there is so much information and clues that help build the central plot of the books.  This story as some great action that moves the story along at a fast pace and will have the reader turning the pages just to see what will happen next.  The twists and turns that this one takes makes for a wonderful read. It is nice to see Sam get his happy ever after.  This one will also leave readers hungry for more from this world that has been built with each and every book up until now.

I give this one 5 red roses


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