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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Planning for Love

Planning for Love by Christi Barth

Publisher: Carina Press

August 2012

ISBN: 978-14268-9421-3

Pages: 277

Contemporary, Chicago

Ivy Rhodes is a hopeless romantic and the best wedding planner in the business.  She isn’t going to let anything get in the way of getting ahead and most certainly not a personal problem.  She isn’t about to let a heartbreaking and recent one-night stand get in the way when she is asked to star in the reality show Planning for Love.

Bennett Westcott is a videographer that didn’t handle his encounter with Ivy well at all.  Watching her smile and great body through the camera every day makes him want to try for some no strings attached fun with her. 

The more time they spend together shows Ben that Ivy isn’t at all what he imagined her to be namely a wedding-crazed bridezilla.  He has never trusted himself to make a relationship work let alone last.  Now he has to try and convince Ivy to give him another chance. 

This is a romance that takes the reader on a very fun ride.  The situations at times are comical and seeing how the character react makes for a very enjoyable read.  It is also interesting to see how the characters overcome their respective pasts to get the future that they find that they really want to have with each other.  This story kicks off a series that if they rest live up to this one should prove to be a wonderful series to read and enjoy.  It also gives a fun spin to both weddings and reality shows. 

I give this one 4 red roses 


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