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Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Warrior

The Warrior by Wanda Ann Thomas

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

November 2013

ISBN:  978-1493579044

Pages: 294

Historical Romance, Upper Galilee 48 BC

Nathan of Rumah earned the name the Angel of Death when he was a soldier in the Jewish army with his lethal talents.  Now he just wants to have a quiet life on his family’s olive farm.  Everything changes when he rescues a wealthy Pharisee and his family from rebels that Nathan calls friends.

Nathan is determined to right the wrong done to this family, never dreaming it would lead to his marriage to Alexandra the Pharisee’s shy daughter.  The passion Nathan feels for Alexandra strengthens as he seeks justice for her and her family.  Nathan picks up his sword again because he is determined to end the bloody rebellion against Rome. Nathan seeks help from the newly-minted governor of Galilee, Herod, his friend.

Alexandra Onias always expected to marry a scholar but finds herself married instead to a warrior who both enthralls and unnerves her.  The risks her valiant husband had undertaken on behalf of her and her family is proving to come with a price that is turning out to be very high when Nathan’s countrymen turn against him.  When Alexandra realizes how much Nathan has sacrificed for her she fights to save her husband from the rebel’s revenge and Herod’s ambition.

Nathan and Alexandra have been betrayed by those they thought of as friends so they fight side by side to save everything that means anything to them, their loved ones and their very lives along with their home. Can their blossoming love withstand the full fury of Nathan when the rebels strike out?

This is a wonderful historical story that comes to life for the reader.  There are historical people in this story that many will recognize and the reader will see a different side to them as they get to explore an area that there are too few stories about.  This is a start of a series that should prove to be very interesting.  The characters are well written and interesting and help bring the story to life.  The descriptions of the places and people are written in such a way that the reader will have no problem believing they are right there in the story with the characters.  For those that enjoy stories of ancient Rome this is one to check out. 

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses


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