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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Escaping Reality

Escaping Reality: The Secret Life of Amy Benson by Lisa Renee Jones

Publisher: Lisa Renee Jones

July 2013

ISBN: 0985817089

Pages: 252

Contemporary, New Adult, New York City & Denver

Amy Benson has been on the run for the past six years, since she was 18 years old. Then she was known as Lara and a tragedy and a dark secret forced her to change her identity and go into hiding. Just as she is finally starting to believe she has been forgotten the past comes back with a vengeance to punish and send her running yet again.

On a plane dealing with the devastating fact of having to start over yet again Amy meets Liam Stone, a billionaire that is reclusive, brilliant and famous as a prodigy architect.  A man that knows what he wants when he sets eyes on it and goes after it with everything he has.  Now what he wants is Amy and he will not take no for an answer.  He sweeps her into an affair that is both passionate and has the ability of taking her to her erotic limits.  Liam demands everything Amy has and will accept nothing less. He is determined to possess her and make her want to be possessed.  Amy starts wondering if she is too effected by the tragedy to really know if he wants more than she should give.  It is also starting to look like Liam is a lot more than meets the eye.

This is great suspense story that will keep the readers on the edge of their seats as with every page they turn they find out more of what is going on.  It also builds the suspense as more characters are introduced and each seems to be hiding something.  Amy has to figure out just what is going on and the reader gets taken along on a ride that proves to be as wild as they could ever hope for.  This is one book that starts off fast and doesn’t slow down for a single moment.  This is one story that lovers of romantic suspense should not miss.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses


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