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Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Silver Chain

The Silver Chain by Primula Bond

Publisher: Avon

July 2013

ISBN: 978-0-007-52417-4

Pages: 400

Contemporary, England

Serena Folkes is a photographer that decides to indulge her impulsive side by doing a night-time shoot.  She doesn’t expect to acquire a watcher someone who is as mysterious as he is handsome.  An entrepreneur, though she doesn’t know it yet will end up changing her live forever.  Gustav Levi is the entrepreneur.

Serena is completely fascinated by Gustav.  The enigmatic owner of the Levi Gallery.  She is drawn to him by the irresistible pull of attraction.  She quickly finds out that the feeling is completely mutual.  Gustav promises to launch Serena’s career only if she is willing to agree to become his exclusive companion. 

As a mark of their agreement Gustav gives Serena a silver bracelet to wear at all times.  With the bracelet comes a silver chain that Gustav is in control of.  It gives him the power over Serena both physically and symbolically.  A physical symbol that Serena is under his power.

As the passion intensifies between them Gustav’s past is threatening to tear them apart.  Are the feelings that are developing between Serena and Gustav strong enough to survive Gustav’s dark past?  Or will those secrets prove to be too much for their feeling to withstand.

This is an interesting book that at times proves to be a little slow.  The plot is very good and despite the slow spots the rest of story will have the readers reading past those areas just to see what will happen between Serena and Gustav.  This is one book that will have readers reaching for the ice water just to cool off.  This is the first book in a trilogy so while some questions are answered there are still others that lead into the next book.  This is one to check out. 

I give this one 4 red roses

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