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Monday, 27 February 2012

The Night Lamp

The Night Lamp by Carol A. Spradling

Published by: Carol A. Spradling

February 2012

Pages: 117

March 1781, Mount Vernon Virginia
August 1781, North Carolina

Isabella “Isa” Foster is determined to find out what happened to her childhood friend that has been murdered. While some might think she had something to do with it she has been cleared and now she has to find out what happened. Isa also has to figure out where the document he was supposed to have has gone and who has it. It is a document that is extremely important and there are those that are convinced she has it and want it for themselves.

Cole McKnight is a military confidant that also does bounty jobs for a man that is completely untrustworthy but Cole works for him because it is the only way to get his family home back. With is latest job he needs to find Isa Foster and bring her back and he will finally be done with doing bounties. What starts out as a straightforward easy job is fast turning into anything but easy. Cole doesn’t count on his attraction and admiration for Isa. Now he is going to have to find a way to get his home back and to also help Isa because he is finding out that he isn’t willing to let her get hurt.

Cole and Isa are now racing to find out just what happened with Isa’s friend and who was behind his murder. Someone is after Isa for the information they are sure she has and they will stop at nothing until they get what they want even if that means Isa needs to die.

This story gives a little different view of the Revolutionary War than reader might have seen before. The story is well written and interesting though at times there are more modern references that don’t quite fit the time frame. The characters are fascinating and keep the story moving well and will have the reader turning the pages to find out just what will happen next. The heroine is strong, likable, courageous and will do whatever she has to make sure that when she feels a wrong is being committed that the correct outcomes happens and not an injustice. The hero is also honorable and is determined to do the right thing even when it might cost him more that he would like. This story gives some interesting insight into a time period that sometimes we don’t see enough of.

I give this 4 red roses

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