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Friday, 18 November 2011

Teacher Plus Two

Teacher Plus Two by Valentina Heart

Publisher: Dreamspinner

October 2011

ISBN: 978-1-61372-178-0

Pages: 200


Orrin, is a human that because of his sexual expertise he is close to reaching the revered status of Teacher. The one thing Orrin never expected was to be kidnapped and forced to teach other slaves how to pleasure those that will be their new masters. While he is a prisoner Orrin meets Fai and has to find a way to save his as Fai is in very bad shape. Just as he gets Fai purring again they have a new occupant to their cell, Hara. Hara has been a slave for a very long time so he knows how things are done but he never expected to find the other two or the bond that soon develops between the three of them.

Fai is a Mattain, which are like small lion that purr. Fai is thrown into a situation that is completely beyond anything he has known in his life. Fai is going to have to learn quickly if he has a chance to survive even with both Orrin and Hara there to take care of him.

Hara has been a slave for so long that he has begun to forget what his life was like before he became a slave. Things change though when he meets both Orrin and Fai but that might not be enough when he is sent clear across the universe to his new master. Now he is separated from the two people that mean the most to him and he wonders if they will ever have a chance to be together again.

Now the three men are going to have to find a way to survive so that they can be together again and have a future that isn’t dictated by others. Their bond is being tested and none are sure just how strong it is or if it can survive what they are all going through.

This is a good story and different from most. The world building is very interesting and comes to life for the reader as they read. The characters are well written and engaging and interesting. While this story may not be for some it is worth taking a chance to read.

I give this one 4 red roses

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