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Friday, 4 February 2011

Glass Angels

Glass Angels: Family Heirlooms series Book 4 by Karen Wiesner

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press

February 2011


978-1-61160-009-4 (Trade paper)

978-1-61160-008-7 (ebook)

Pages: 147

Peaceful, Wisconsin

Samantha Samuels has completed her psychiatry training and is planning to counsel victims of violent crimes, especially rape. She is in a unique position to understand what her patients are going through because she survived a violent crime three years previously, when her pastor father was counseling a juvenile delinquent by the name of Ryder Feldmann. Ryder managed to convince Samantha’s father to trust him and made sure he was in a position to attack Samantha. In helping others to heal she is hoping to finish recovering from her own attack. Ever since her attack her faith has been put to the test and she is afraid that she is losing the battle.

Kyle Feldmann was in love with Samantha three years ago when his younger brother brutally attacked Samantha and destroyed all that Kyle loved. Kyle had hopes of marrying Samantha but when the attack happened he didn’t see that ever happening. Now it seems that Kyle and Samantha have a second chance at happiness since their paths have crossed again. Kyle knows that he has to tread carefully so that this time he might be able to have the happiness he has always wanted.

Kyle and Samantha’s faith is being tested and they will have to find out if they are strong enough to grab this latest chance at happiness or if they will allow the past to continue to stand in their way. It will take all of their faith and strength to overcome the past so that this time they can have the future they have always dreamed of and planned for.

This is story will take the reader on an emotional roller coaster as they follow the story of Samantha and Kyle and what they have had to go through in their lives. The reader will get to see how even though someone has gone through terrible times it is possible to come out the other side much stronger than when they first were. If you are looking for a good inspirational story this is one to try.

I give this one 4-1/2 red roses

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