Christmas Awards 2011

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Erin Grace
Lyrical Press
138 pages

Isabelle is newly married but her husband is killed in a drnken brawl on her wedding night and she is left alone. Fortunately Lady Rutherford offers her a postion as a companion and the pair journey to Scotland. However, before Isabelle joins the train her husband's half brother tries to force himself on her. Isabelle escapes his attentions only to be pursued by another villain on the train itself.

In Scotland she meets a man she thinks of as a dark angel and for the first time her heart is touched. Charles, Lord Gaines has a bitter secret at his heart but he makes an effort to overcome it for love of Isabelle, but when one of her pursuers tells him her story he is driven to anger and their love is at risk. Can the telling of another woman's story set him free - and can he find happiness with Isabelle?

This is a passionate story of love, regret and revenge. 4 red roses

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