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Sunday, 9 August 2009

A Matter Of Honour

A Matter Of Honour
Anne Herries
The Regency Lords & Ladies Collection
Harlequin Mills & Boon
ISBN 978-0-263-21046-0
Hardback £13.99

Cassandra has recently become an heiress but she has no one to share her wealth. Her beloved brother was killed in France and she is fighting her grief. Now, she is determined to have a season in town so that she can find a man she can marry and have a family life to fill the empty place in her heart. She misses Jack so very much.

Unknown to Cassie, Jack asked five of his friends to look after her, begging that one of them should marry her if he was killed. It is a matter of honour that his last wish be fulfilled. Lord Vincent Carlton drew the short straw – on purpose. He alone of the five knew Cassie as a girl, when they met and it turned out to be embarrassing for Vinnie. However, he is weighed down by guilt and feels unable to approach her for some months. By the time he does, Cassie has already become an heiress.

Cassie is a determined young woman, forever in some scrape. Can Vinnie persuade her to marry him – and can he conquer her heart?

This is an amusing regency more in the style of those written by the great Georgette Heyer. While not quite in her class, it has the fun and frolic of the original regency romances and if you like that you will enjoy this one very much. Morna

4.5 red roses

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