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Sunday, 24 May 2009

A Country Cotillion





ISBN 978-0-7090-8659-8

On a bitterly cold night in January 1814 a beautiful young widow, named Elizabeth French set out from her home, Oakgrove house in Kensington, to attend the Grand Ball given by the Duke of Devonshire. She was to attend with her soon to be betrothed Sir Alexander Norrington.

Elizabeth was the widow of James French a notorious young rake who after only a few years of marriage had broken her heart. At first he had been all a young bride could wish for but when they went to live in Madras he had soon altered, becoming cruel and unfaithful whenever he wanted to. In the end the furious husband of a lady James had been having an affair with, had killed him in a duel. Elizabeth mourned her young husband as he was in the beginning, but was glad to be free of the man he had become.

She knew that Alexander could never thrill her, as James had done at the start of their life together, but he was kind and gentle and she was happy to settle for that...or was she?

One day while driving in the city to visit her Aunt, she decided to look at the house she and James had lived in when first they were married, where they were very happy. While she sat in her carriage the door of the house she was watching, opened and a young man came out. Her heart jolted. Was it James? No it could not be but he looked so similar that it filled her with longing for the young James once more.

Many moments of longing and sadness were to unsettle Elizabeth over the next few weeks. She no longer trusted her own heart for when Alexander kissed her she wished it was the young man who so reminded her of James and although she would probably never know who he was or where he was from, the longing would not go away. Could she go through with her betrothal ball feeling this way and was it fair to Alexander, knowing as she did that he could never capture her whole heart?

The plot in this lovely Regency romance is good with many twists. The description of places and houses they visit is excellent. You could be in the rooms with them; indeed you are with them. I have not given much of the story away as I feel that might spoil the pleasure for future readers. Please read this lovely book and enjoy it, I am sure that you will, I loved it. I award this book 5 RedRoses.

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