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Sunday, 1 March 2009

His Captive Lady

His Captive Lady
Carol Townend
Harlequin Mills & Boon
Paperback 281 pages

Saewulf Bader is half Saxon, half Norman but he has given his loyalty to his Norman overlord, hoping to be made a knight and given land for his service. Asked to spy on the Saxons, who are his mother’s people, Wulf cannot help feeling a little guilty. When he sees the beautiful Lady Erica being threatened with a terrible retribution because of a bloodfeud, Wulf neglects his duty to save her. At first Erica does not want to be saved by a man she believes may be a Saxon bastard, but Wulf’s kindness and care for her win her heart.

However, once she discovers that he is a hated Norman there can be nothing more between them, even if she were to overlook his low birth. Is there any way in which the barriers between them can be overcome and will Wulf ever attain his ambition to be a knight.

This is a beautiful love story set in times that were extremely important for England and led to the laws and the country we know today. Well researched and written this book was entertaining to the last. This talented author has produced a book that deserves to be recognised. Five red roses, Linda Sole

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