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Thursday, 18 September 2008

Ebony Eyes

Ebony Eyes by Kenra Mei Chailyn

Red Rose Publishing

54 pages

Lea Sharpe can’t take it anymore. Looking at the bruises in the mirror she knows they only way to survive this latest episode of abuse from her boyfriend is to get out fast. Her best friend Morgana takes one look at Lea and tells Lea it is time to pack and leave. Lea knows this will be the only chance she has so she grabs it with both hands and run as fast as she can.

Months later Lea is putting her life back together by starting her own business so that she won’t have to depend on anyone but herself. She has worked hard to make her business work and put the memories behind her. Now she knows she is on the right track.

Morgana introduces Lea to another friend, Shemar Chestnut. The attraction between the two is instantaneous and hot. Shemar takes one look at Lea’s blue eyes and blonde hair and knows he has met someone very special. Now he has to decide if she is worth going against his parents. Shemar has never gone against his parents before and he knows they would never approve of Lea unless he stands up to them.

Lea knows she can find the happiness that has eluded her in the past with Shemar but only if she can overcome her memories and he can overcome his parents. The question becomes will they have the chance they both want?

This is a very sweet short story and will give you the warm fuzzies. This one touches on some dark subjects but still keeps things light.

I give this one 3-1/2 red roses

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