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Friday, 23 November 2007

Hundreds of Years To Reform A Rake

Laurie Brown/Hundreds of Years To Reform A Rake/Source Books/ISBN1-4022-1013-2/UK £3.99/ USA$8.99/paperback 391 pages

When Josie Drummond first met Deverell the ninth Earl of Waite he was a ghost. But a ghost with such a magnetic personality that he drew her back to the time of his life to help solve a mystery that would save the present generation from poverty. Josie researches ghosts and paranormal experiences, which is why she agrees to learn to live as a Regency lady. Deverell promises to bring her back, and though she doesn't really believe any of it will happen she agrees. Swept back in time, Josie comes face to face with the real earl and he is many times more physical and attractive than his ghost. Josie falls in love and she must make a choice between the man and the ghost.

In the beginning there is an awful lot of detail about the way the Regency ladies wore their clothes and behaved, which could have become tedious if it had not been rescued by quarrels between the ghost and Josie. However, once we got back to the past the drama and attraction between these two became riveting and utterly fascinating. This unusual story is beautifully plotted and the writing is excellent. This is a keeper for anyone's shelf. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and will certainly read it again in the future. Five red roses. Anne

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